Miracles of Mind

Miracles of Mind
Exploring Non-Local Consciousness and Spiritual Healing

by Russell Targ and Jane Katra, Ph.D.
Foreword by Larry Dossey, M.D.

In this exploration of the mind’s power, pioneering physicist Russell Targ and spiritual healer Jane Katra explore how our mind’s ability to transcend the limits of space and time is linked to our capacity for healing.

The authors’ fascinating collaboration began when Dr. Katra helped Targ — a leading scientist in the investigation of psychic abilities — cure himself of what was diagnosed as metastatic cancer. From this beginning, the authors weave together compelling scientific evidence, ancient spiritual teachings, and dramatic personal stories — from witnessing mysterious folk healers in the Philippines to performing psychic experiments between Moscow and San Francisco — while exploring the potential of our “nonlocal” mind.

In the book’s first half, Targ presents the conclusions of his 20 years of remote-viewing experiments for the Stanford Research Institute, and reveals for the first time the results of recently declassified, CIA experiments in psychic spying during the Cold War. He details extraordinary demonstrations of the mind’s psychic abilities, where people were able to describe distant places and activities in precise detail.

In addition, the authors discuss: What does it mean to look into the future? Are psychic abilities sacred? What does psychic spying for the CIA have to do with mesmerism, Therapeutic Touch, and spiritual healing? What are the laboratory data showing our mind’s ability to affect living systems from a distance? How can readers learn to do remote viewing and spiritual healing? What do Buddha, Jesus, Spinoza, William James, Madame Blavatsky, Einstein, Candace Pert, and David Bohm have to say to each other?

Incorporating Eastern philosophy and modern science, Targ and Katra explain how popular methods of alternative healing, from Therapeutic Touch to Chi Gong, make use of nonlocal mind.

The authors combine the perspectives of physicist and mystic to reveal the fascinating possibilities for our mind-to-mind connections in a community-of-spirit. Their conclusions are startling and exciting — for scientists, healers, and general readers alike — with an offer of hope for the future.

The authors say: Whenever any one person demonstrates an ability beyond the ordinary, it is an inspiration to the rest of us, as an indication of an immense and still largely undeveloped human potential.

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ISBN: 1-57731-070-5 : Hardcover. 325 pages. Paperback available.
Publisher: New World Library (February 1, 1998)

Q&A: What it’s all about

1. What is remote viewing, and why were NASA, the CIA, and the Defense Intelligence Agency supporting your research in the 1970’s and 80’s at Stanford Research Institute?

During more than a decade at Stanford Research Institute, we discovered that ordinary people visiting our laboratory could learn to accurately describe and experience what was going on at distant places, even though the locations were hundreds or thousands of miles away. With practice, any person can learn to do what we named “remote viewing.” This capacity shows that our human potential is much grander than most people suppose.

Our government sought to use talented remote-viewers for gathering information about Soviet weapons development during the cold war, but we are interested in teaching people to claim their natural abilities and incorporate them into their lives for peaceful uses.

2. Why should we be interested in remote viewing?

Remote viewing is one example of our access to what physicists call non-local awareness, and what a healer calls our spiritual community. Looking in on the Russians is actually an invitation to claim our ability as human beings to participate in a larger non-local world that is not limited by the ordinary constraints of distance and time. By quieting our random mental chatter, we can expand our awareness of who we are, and what we are capable of. Experiences of community of spirit reveal our inherent connection to each other, and empower us with the knowledge of our ability to affect the world we live in. These spiritual perspectives beyond the purely material offer us opportunities for more meaningful lives.

In addition, access to non-local awareness provides a toolbox allowing us to do many things that may seem unrelated, such as healing the sick, locating parking spaces, and even forecasting the stock market.

3. Were you ever able to tell our government’s intelligence agency anything useful, that they didn’t know before you told them?

During the Cold War, one of our talented remote viewers, who was actually a policeman, drew pictures of a secret Soviet weapons laboratory, and accurately described and drew in great detail, to scale, the particle beam weapons systems under construction. Four years later, after the viewer had died, this information was verified by US spy satellites.

The detailed information conveyed in these enlarged drawings we have brought was considered to be highly valuable by special congressional committees as well as the CIA. This is just one example of hundreds of similar remarkable cases, most of which are still classified.

Our main interest is in sharing the fact that these abilities are available to us all, and can be developed for positive uses in our life, and we teach people how in our book, Miracles of Mind.

4. What does this kind of psychic ability have to do with the spiritual healing that you also talk about in your book?

We are all capable of both of these human capacities that entail mind-to-mind connections. Worldwide psychic research data from more than 50 years show conclusively that our awareness is able to transcend distance and time, and come back with useful information. In remote viewing, our mind experiences distant places and events. For the spiritual healer, this connection is achieved by surrendering awareness to God, and through this, making a mind-to-mind connection with the patient.

5. How do you know that this kind of healing actually works?

Several double-blind hospital studies have been done recently with AIDS patients, cardiac patients, and surgical patients. All of these have shown that the people in the prayed-for group had much better outcomes than the controls, for whom no distant healing was attempted.

6. What do you mean by non-local mind?

Non-local connections were first described by Einstein in the 1930s, and non-local mind has been discussed by Dr. Larry Dossey in his recent books. It refers to the Buddhist idea that separation of consciousness is an illusion. The data show that we are actually connected in surprising ways to points in space-time that appear distant to us. It is an important idea, indicating that we greatly underestimate the extent to which we are interconnected with each other.

7. If you really can look into the future, can you get information that is actually good for anything?

Yes. The two of us were able to use remote viewing to forecast changes in the prices of silver commodity futures eleven out of twelve tries. But, this was for science, and we were not actually trading in the market.

8. If both of you are able to do remote viewing, as you describe, are you both spiritual healers as well?

No. Jane has had more than twenty years of practice, in addition to being especially gifted in that area. Our experience and belief is that remote viewing and healing are naturally endowed abilities all of us possess. Developing these normal human capabilities entails learning to quiet our mind and focus our attention with clear intent.”

9. How did Jane, as a university professor, become a spiritual healer?

Twenty years before she was a professor, Jane was given the gift of healing in a dream that was like a near-death experience for her, when she was in the Philippines on assignment to observe the famous psychic surgeons that were said to practice there.

10. Does your book tell us how to become a healer or a spy?

We outline how remote viewing works, so that a person will have enough information to practice with a friend and learn to do it surprisingly well. We give a lot of new information about spiritual healing, but we do not undertake to teach it here.

11. What does modern physics have to say about this?

We live in a world governed by Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Kurt Gödel’s famous incompleteness theorem, Einstein’s universe of non-locality, and the world of quantum-interconnectedness of physicist David Bohm. That leaves plenty of room for remote viewing. Our work has been replicated in labs all over the world, and we have published our results in distinguished scientific journals.

12. Do you have to believe in God to develop psychic abilities?

We think that God is a testable hypothesis, not something that you necessarily have to believe in. Even atheists can learn to do remote viewing, but they may be surprised to discover that they are part of a spiritual community that they didn’t know existed.

13. Does that mean that you think that psychic abilities are sacred or religious?

Not necessarily. We believe that psychic abilities are a natural perceptual capabilities that are available to us all, to incorporate into our lives, and greatly expand our awareness of the world we live in.

About the Authors

Russell Targ is a physicist and author who was a pioneer in the development of the laser, and cofounder of the Stanford Research Institute’s investigation into psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s. He is co-author of Mind Reach: Scientists Look at Psychic Abilities and The Mind Race: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities Targ recently retired from Lockheed Martin as a senior staff scientist, where he developed laser technology for peaceful applications.

Jane Katra holds a doctorate in health education, and has been a spiritual healer for more than twenty years. She has taught nutrition and health classes at the University of Oregon, and Therapeutic Touch at Lane Community College in Eugene. Dr. Katra presently works part-time as an “immune-system coach” while writing, and taking part in consciousness research. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Table of Contents
Foreword Larry Dossey, M.D.
chapter one — What I See When I Close My Eyes
chapter two — Our Astonishing Nonlocal Mind
chapter three — What We Have Learned about Remote Viewing
chapter four — The Masters of the Universe and the Mystery of Psi
chapter five — Precognition: Time and Time Again
chapter six — Are Psychic Abilities Sacred?
chapter seven — The Making of a Healer
chapter eight — The Healing Experience
chapter nine — Minding the Body
chapter ten — Ways of Healing
chapter eleven — Prayer and the Healing Connection
chapter twelve — The Physics of Miracles and the Magic of Mind