Distant Mental Influence

Distant Mental Influence
Its Contributions to Science, Healing, and Human Interactions

by William Braud
Foreword by Larry Dossey, M.D.

Our Western scientific worldview maintains that we are isolated individuals who communicate and interact only locally, by exchanging information through our recognized senses and technological tools. However, carefully collected, but typically ignored, evidence suggests that . . . beneath surface appearances, we are intimately and profoundly interconnected in our consciousness and our identity. This evidence comes from areas of psychology, parapsychology, consciousness research, and transpersonal studies. The purpose of this book is to present, interpret, and elaborate some of this evidence; to explore its implications for science; and to address its possible practical applications in our everyday lives and relationships.

Concisely stated, the evidence compiled in this volume indicates that, under certain conditions, it is possible to know and to influence the thoughts, images, feelings, behaviors, and physiological and physical activities of other persons and living organisms–even when the influencer and the influenced are separated by great distances in space and time, beyond the reach of the conventional senses. Because the usual modes of knowing and influence are eliminated in these studies, their success reveals modes of human interaction and interconnection beyond those currently recognized in the conventional natural, behavioral, and social sciences. Besides indicating areas of incompleteness and misapprehensions about such phenomena that exist in current scientific theories, these distant mental influence findings have important implications for our fuller understanding of consciousness, health and wellness, our typically untapped human potential, and the spiritual aspects of our lives.

— from the introduction

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ISBN: 1-5717-4354-5: Softcover. 263 pages
Series: Studies in Consciousness
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing; Russell Targ Editions (December 10, 2003)