Experiments in Mental Suggestion

Experiments in Mental Suggestion

by L.L. Vasiliev
Preface by Arthur Hastings

Professor L. L. Vasiliev was a pioneering consciousness researcher in the heart of Stalinist Russia. His investigations convincingly demonstrated that the thoughts of one person can directly affect the physiology and behavior of a distant person.

Most famously, he showed that he personally could hypnotize and put to sleep hypnotic subjects that were inside electrically and acoustically shielded rooms, or even thousands of miles away.

This interest in distant behavior modification has been, and is, the hallmark of Soviet parapsychological research right up to the present time.

— From the publisher’s website, October 2002

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ISBN: 1571742743 : Softcover. 192 pages
Series: Studies in Consciousness
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing; Russell Targ Editions (September 1, 2002)