Mental Radio

Mental Radio by Upton SinclairMental Radio

by Upton Sinclair
Preface by Albert Einstein
Introduction by William McDougall

Mr. Upton Sinclair needs no introduction to the public as a fearless, honest, and critical student of public affairs. But in the present book he has with characteristic courage entered a new field, one in which reputations are more easily lost than made, the field of Psychic Research.

It is with experiments in telepathy that Mr. Sinclair’s book is chiefly concerned. In this part, as in other parts, of the field of Psychic Research, progress must largely depend upon such work by intelligent educated laymen or amateurs as is here reported.

The experiments in telepathy, as reported in the pages of this book, were so remarkably successful as to rank among the very best hitherto reported. The degree of success and the conditions of experiment were such that we can reject them as conclusive evidence of some mode of communication not at present explicable in accepted scientific terms only by assuming that Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair either are grossly stupid, incompetent and careless persons or have deliberately entered upon a conspiracy to deceive the public in a most heartless and reprehensible fashion….His record and his writings should secure a wide and respectful hearing for what he has to tell us in the following pages.

Mr. Sinclair’s book will amply justify itself if it shall lead a few (let us say two percent) of his readers to undertake carefully and critically experiments similar to those which he has so vividly described.

From the Introduction, by William McDougall. September, 1929

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ISBN: 1-57174-235-2 : Softcover. 224 pages
Series: Studies in Consciousness
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing; Russell Targ Editions (February 1, 2001)