Mind to Mind

Mind to Mind by Rene WarcollierMind to Mind

by René Warcollier
Preface by Ingo Swann

In the early part of the twentieth century, a chemical engineer named René Warcollier devised and conducted a series of experiments in telepathic communication. The participants sought to transmit drawings, at varying distances and using only the power of the mind, to subjects who would record their impressions on paper. In Mind to Mind, Warcollier describes these experiments in precise detail, including many of the transmitted drawings and recorded impressions. His research revealed surprising parallels between the principles of extrasensory communication and those of modern psychology.

* Impressive scientific evidence for the untapped power of human consciousness
* Illustrates the complex act of mind-to-mind communication through a series of experiments
* Describes the processes essential to and operative in all telepathic communication
* Reveals how similar principles exist in paranormal experience and the psychology of perception

“If you want to refer to the ‘father of remote viewing,’ you would have to go back half a century to the French parapsychologist, René Warcollier.”
— Joseph McMoneagle, US Government STAR GATE Remote Viewer #001, from a 1998 interview

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ISBN: 1-5717-4311-1. Softcover. 144 pages
Series: Studies in Consciousness
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing; Russell Targ Editions (November 1, 2001)