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Russell Targ's

Russell Targ's Area 51 Targets

In conjunction with the Art Bell Radio Show in early 2001...

We are offering four images from Area-51. There is nothing unusual to be seen with the naked eye in any of these pictures. But, with remote viewing, you might use each picture NAME as an address to psychically describe and experience the target BEFORE you download it. You may have the opportunity to experience more than can been seen visually. In our work at SRI, we found that once you have an address it is not possible to hide ANYTHING.

For now we're using the "honor system." In Remote Viewing, you would normally be forced to submit session results prior to viewing any feedback.

These sessions are now closed. See the links below to view the results submitted to our website.

Picture Name: A51X-3049 View Submitted Session Results
Picture Name: A51X-6618 View Submitted Session Results
Picture Name: A51X-0052 View Submitted Session Results
Picture Name: A51X-1772 View Submitted Session Results
Featured Books
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