STARGATE ESP TRAINER ICONStargate ESP Trainer is designed to help you learn to describe distant or future events. It is a direct out-growth of the secret $25 million CIA STAR GATE program with dozens of viewers at SRI, where we showed that psychic abilities are real and available.

Stargate ESP trainer is available free from the Apple App Store

In this training game, the viewer is presented with two Yes/No questions pertaining to the outdoor image you will see shortly. Your goal is to quiet your mind and become aware of that picture.

You select one of the two choices by pressing the answer which best matches your awareness of that image. When you do that, a second question will appear. You then repeat the process. The Property Matches indicator at the bottom shows the number of correct answers to 24 questions.

Four pictures will then appear. Tap the picture that best matches your mental image. The correct picture will fill the screen. After 12 pictures you may begin a new game.

This program offers feedback and reinforcement to meet the requirements for learning this skill. The Stargate ESP Trainer presents meaningful and emotional images to your subconscious mind. This ability is often called clairvoyance and can enhance your life in many surprising ways.

Good luck and great success, Russell Targ,
co-founder of the STAR GATE program –
recently declassified and revealed
in documentaries like Third Eye Spies.

App software by David Levitt.

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