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Book: Mind-Reach Scientists Look at Psychic Abilities the first book on Remote Viewing. Russell Targ and Harold E. Puthoff

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ISBN: 1-57174-414-2 : Softcover.
Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
Studies in Consciousness
Foreword by Richard Bach
Introduction by Margaret Mead

Scientists Look at Psychic Abilities
by Russell Targ, Harold E. Puthoff

The First-Ever Book on Remote Viewing.

       Margaret Mead says: "This is a clear, straightforward account of a set of successful experiments that demonstrate the existence of 'remote viewing,' a hitherto unvalidated human capacity."

       This book is a lucid and fascinating record of historic experiments—historic because they put the seal of "hard" physical science upon evidence that some degree of psychic ability is universal—a phenomenon straight out of science fiction that actually happened, and can be made to happen again in any laboratory! The scientists even offer a "recipe" for developing your own ESP "information channel."

       Richard Bach of Jonathan Livingston Seagull fame, who served as a subject, writes: "It's too late now to burn their files; what they've found is already being duplicated and expanded in laboratories around the world. As I am coming to know more of the powers that I have, so are thousands of others, so will the readers of this book."

       The Targ-Puthoff "mind-reach" experiments at Stanford Research Institute were the subject of unprecedented articles in the international journal of science, Nature and in the prestigious Proceedings of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, whose editors comment, in part: "One of the engineers we consulted said, 'This is the kind of thing that I would not believe in even if it existed.' In any event, the paper itself may be the most readable ever published in this journal and few readers will finish without wondering…if indeed ESP might be possible after all."

       As The New York Times wrote, in an editorial quoting in part from Nature's editors: "The scientific community has been put on notice 'that there is something worthy of their attention and scrutiny' in the possibilities of extra-sensory perception."

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